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How does it work?

Are you a company looking to build your clientele and get your name out there? Then you are in the right place! Working with me is simple! All you have to do is send me your product and I use it as per directed. I then write what I think about your product and promote it on my blog and other social media expanding your fan base! 


In addition to the review you may also run a giveaway on my page. You would provide a picture of the item you want to giveaway and any links to your social media (Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and I set everything up! This is a great way to get your name out there! When a winner is picked I simply message you their address and you send them the product!


These policies were last revised on October 7, 2015

Currently I am the only author on this blog. I read my posts over 2-3 times before publishing but I am human and sometimes miss grammatical mistakes and errors. Feel free to email me if you notice something I have missed.

I accept free products, tickets, and services in form of compensation.

Any compensation I receive does not influence my opinions and posts in anyway.

I require a 50 dollar product minimum in order to post a review. There may be exceptions so please feel free to email me to discuss your options.

I can also do sponsored posts. Prices range on these so please email me at with any questions.

All transactions are final. There will be no refunds issued or product returns.

If you send something we have not agreed on (size, wrong product, etc) I have the right to not post a review.

Please allow 6-8 weeks from time product is received in the mail to review. This gives me time to fully use the product and form a good opinion. Life happens when you are a mom of two boys and if I am behind on that time line I will keep communication with you.

These policies are subject to change at any moment.

Feel free to email me with any questions!