Monday, November 2, 2015

Bushel and a Peck Crafts

*Disclosure: This product was given to me free for review

Is that a Cabbage Patch doll? I may be biased but Jack looks so handsome in our fall pictures and this Bushel and a Peck Crafts newsboy hat is the perfect compliment! When I started communicating with Shelby, the owner of Bushel and a Peck crafts she was planning her sons birthday party, just as I was a few weeks before. I saw the pictures from her sons party and she did so fantastic on all the decorations just as she did on this hat! 

It was only a few days after the party that she messaged me saying the hat was done! I was impressed with how quickly she finished and sent it to me. The quality is fantastic and it fits Jack great with a little room to grow! Shelby is busy making items for her upcoming Etsy shop but if you have an idea of an item you would like made just shoot her a message and maybe she can make your vision come true! 

Need your little ones ears to stay warm this winter? Need your own ears to stay warm? Bushel and  Peck Crafts is the shop to look up! I highly suggest it, you won't be sorry! 

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* Disclosure: This product was given to me free for review

Seriously! Take a look at how amazing Lex looks! Fall is an amazing time of year and these burlap suspenders and bow tie make the perfect accessory for your little ones! 

Beautiful4Baby was created by Kristyn (great name ;)). She has two sons and a love for crafting. She is a stay at home mom just like myself! 

As Lex frolicked through the sunflowers these suspenders held up from all of his active movements. The buckles hold tight no matter how hard he pulled or tugged to get them off. These are adjustable so they could actually fit Jack or Lex, and we love when we can mix and match for them! Surprisingly,  Lex didn't even bother with the bow tie so it stayed put the whole night! Again, this is adjustable so it can fit children of all sizes! A set of suspenders with bow tie runs from a low 8.50 USD and all the rest of her items are also great on the wallet!

Beautiful4Baby has a number of items in her shop including bow ties and suspenders in all styles, bow ties for adults, leg warmers, and hair bows for little girls. 

There are many holidays around the corner to dress up your little ones for, why not support a small business and buy them some adorable accessories this season! 

You can find out more below: 

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


*Disclaimer: I received this product free for review

The cuddle-me onesies are adorable clothes that teach parents infant massage! The body suits are made from soft organic cotton and have silk screened pictures of animals with long tails. Each suit comes with printed instructions on how your fingers should follow the tails to give your baby a massage! 

Jack loved when I gave him a little massage! One night he was fussy so I put on this cute onesie and gave him a massage. He calmed down and both mommy and baby were happy! These shirts are very well made if not better then what you would buy in the store. 

The print is on the front and the back so you can hit multiple sweet spots on baby. And guess what? We are giving away Cuddle-Me! Head on over to the giveaway tab and enter for you or someone you know! 

Find out more info on Cuddle-Me Here and follow them on Facebook

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Flip & Bean

* Disclaimer: I received this product free for review

What a great product! This is a rain cover to keep your little ones dry while you are wearing them! Look how cozy Jack is at my aunt's wedding! We were outside and it was pouring that day! He stayed dry with this Flip & Bean cover! This cover is easy to put on with the slip over the shoulders and snap in the back to hold it on so it won't slide off. You can wear it over any babywearing cover. 

Flip & Bean also sells ring slings! They make adorable slings to hold your babies close. If you are looking for a reasonably priced ring sling they run from 45.00 for a water sling to 55.00 for a signature sling. These are amazing prices! If their slings are as well made as this cover I would buy them al! We all know by now how obsessed with babywearing I am and how often I wear my boys and anything to let me wear them whenever is fine by me! 

Check out Flip & Bean below:

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sew Mine

*Disclosure: This product was given to me free for review.

If your children are anything mike my boys they love soft blankets! And if you are anything like me I love things personalized. Sew Mine made the perfect blanket to match Jack's going home outfit from the hospital. 

We took this blanket to keep him warm and cozy in the hospital and the nurses and staff thought it was adorable! We had so many awesome comments and remarks asking where we got it! 

These mink name blankets are made in Idaho by a stay at home mom. They come in two sizes, toddler and baby. They are all customizable and she works with your vision! 

On my blanket one side is a super soft minky fabric and on the other side is that cute cotton chevron print. I was very impressed with the quality of this product and it is very professionally made. The price for the baby size is 50.00USD and the price for the toddler size is 60.00USD. What a great price for a custom piece! I would highly refer Sew Mine to anyone looking for a great blanket whether it be a bay shower gift, birthday gift or for yourself! 

If you want to order your own custom mink name blanket from Sew Mine you can check out the links below: 

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Monday, August 31, 2015


I was really shocked when I put this adorable hat on Lex that he kept it on for most of our beach trip! It fit perfect on his head and shaded him from that hot beach sun!

All of Gabasaurusrex's hats are reversible. This hat is anchors on one side and narwal on the other. Both sides matched Lex's swim gear perfect! This stitching and creation of this hat is phenomenal. I gave Gabrielle, the owner, Lex's head circumference and she created his perfect hat! The price point for her hats are very reasonable also! They run from 27.00-40.00USD. 

Gabasaurusrex's shop doesn't just have hats. She sells mobiles, bibs and burp cloths, buntings, blankets, dresses, crowns, and shoes! The perfect gifts for any occasion! 

If you want to order your own hat you can check out her shop here!

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Monday, August 10, 2015


*Disclosure: I received this product free for review. 

The No- Squeeze Food Pouch Feeder for Kids! 

The Pouch Pal is a mess free device that you insert the pouch of food into so our toddlers can feed themselves! This is awesome! When Lex was smaller I made him a ton of home made applesauce and fruit sauces and I stored them in pouches for easy to go meals. This would have made pouch feeding so much easier! 

Pouch Pal is BPA and Phthalayte free, dishwasher safe, easy to grip and has a cap storing space! 

Open the pouch pal and get your pouch ready. 

Roll food up and place in the pouch pal. 

Close it and it is ready to go for mess free eating! 

No matter how hard my 22 month old tried he could not open pouch pal. He figured out how to suck up the food easily. And we had zero mess! How great is that???

Pouch Pal is available for pre order now and you can contribute to their campaign to help in production! 

to find out more you can see them below: 

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