Thursday, November 6, 2014

Little Potchies

Don't you just love how cute cloth diaper bums look? This adorable diaper is made by Little Potchies.   The first diaper Lex had the pleasure of sporting is their All- in- One diaper with snaps. This diaper fits babies approximately 10-35 pounds. The outside (bicycle print) is Pul and the inside is made of bamboo velour. The snap in is a built in "Snake Style" which can be folded for more absorption. 

(This has the doubler and the snap in is folded making it three layers of absorption. 

The soaker has a layer of hemp fleece on the bottom, 2 layers of bamboo fleece in the middle, and is topped with an extra soft layer of bamboo velour. The diaper has three rise settings and adjustable KAM snaps at the waist. The edges of the soaker are zig zagged to prevent fraying. Each soaker has been through 3 wash cycles but it is still recommended to prep the soakers. 

The price of this diaper is 22.50 USD. This diaper was a perfect fit on lex. It hugged his thighs and around his bum and there were no gaps. The stitching is very professional. The absorption is fantastic, even for my heavy wetter. I love the prints she sells as well! This is a great diaper if you war one that will last a long time! 


The next diaper I reviewed is the hybrid fitted. This diaper is extremely similar to the AIO except this diaper does not adjust to fit all weights. You need to order according to your child's weight. 

The inside is made just like the AIO.

As you can see there are one row of snaps around the waist. This diaper fits just as nice as the AIO. It also absorbs the same. Little Potchies is a great shop to order some new fluff from! If you are interested from ordering from Little Potchies, you can check them out here:


That's all for now and remember I am here for you!

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