Tuesday, April 28, 2015

H&E Creations

*Disclosure: I received this product free for review

As we all know breastfeeding in public is a huge controversy. But what better way to cover up then this adorable boobie beanie? Yes you read that correctly. A beanie meant to look like a breast. This certainly makes for some comic relief! 

Carlie is a military wife and a mother of two girls. She has been crocheting since she is a child and loves creating new pieces. She makes everything from nursing necklaces, hats, and newborn props. 

When Carlie asked if I would review a beanie that represents a topic I feel so strongly about I jumped at the opportunity. We all know how strongly I feel about breastfeeding. I just love how cute this beanie looks! Since Lex has self weaned once I became pregnant with baby Jack I had a wonderful model Kristina and her newborn son! I love capturing this moment of mom and baby! 

This hat is so well made it is definitely made by a professional! There were no flaws in the hat and the size (0-3month) fit this newborn perfectly! 

If you are looking for a hat like this I would absolutely contact H&E creations! Not your style? You can check out their other hats as well! There is something for everyone! In their current stock hats run from 8.00-25.00 US dollars. You can not beat that price! 

Check them out below:

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