Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Scarlett Claire

*Disclosure: I received this product free for review

Suspenders, bow ties, and bows O MY! Lex looked so dapper in his Scarlett Claire set for Easter. We received so many comments! Scarlett Claire's handmade pretties are made with care and quality materials to ensure long lasting wear. Every creation is made to fit your individual style. They sell a variety of baby/children's wear, photography props, wedding accessories, and headbands for all sizes.  
Headband pretties are heat sealed so no need to worry about unnecessary fraying.

Prices for suspender/bow tie sets run from 12.00-25.00 and headband bows run from 3.00-12.00. 
All of Scarlett Claire's products are very well made. The suspenders were made of a different material then what I am used too, they were a little stretchier, but they sat nicely on Lex's clothes. The bow tie held up even after he was pulling it on and off many times. 

The head bands fit model Symphony's head just right and made her look so cute in her Easter outfit. They are well put together and strong which is what we need for our toddlers that pull at their pieces! 

This above set is actually one headband with velcro an has interchangeable flowers! This is perfect if you want to accomplish multiple looks for a cheap price! 

Customer service was fast and communication was fantastic. We loved sporting their pieces and will definitely keep them in mind when we need a cute new look! 

If you want to order from Scarlett Claire you can find them here:

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