Monday, November 2, 2015


* Disclosure: This product was given to me free for review

Seriously! Take a look at how amazing Lex looks! Fall is an amazing time of year and these burlap suspenders and bow tie make the perfect accessory for your little ones! 

Beautiful4Baby was created by Kristyn (great name ;)). She has two sons and a love for crafting. She is a stay at home mom just like myself! 

As Lex frolicked through the sunflowers these suspenders held up from all of his active movements. The buckles hold tight no matter how hard he pulled or tugged to get them off. These are adjustable so they could actually fit Jack or Lex, and we love when we can mix and match for them! Surprisingly,  Lex didn't even bother with the bow tie so it stayed put the whole night! Again, this is adjustable so it can fit children of all sizes! A set of suspenders with bow tie runs from a low 8.50 USD and all the rest of her items are also great on the wallet!

Beautiful4Baby has a number of items in her shop including bow ties and suspenders in all styles, bow ties for adults, leg warmers, and hair bows for little girls. 

There are many holidays around the corner to dress up your little ones for, why not support a small business and buy them some adorable accessories this season! 

You can find out more below: 

That's all for now, and remember I am here for you! 

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