Friday, May 16, 2014

Easycare #25 Review

At first I was very leery about buying a wrap used. You are unsure if the wrap would be damaged or if you would be ripped off. I lucked out buying off of an awesome local mom! I bought the Easycare #25 in a size four and I am the third owner of this wrap. To the touch the wrap feels slightly stiff and hard. It is thinner then some that I have felt but when worn I feel like we were very warm.

We love the colors and this is a great, cheap wrap for a beginning wrapper or a mom on a budget! We like to use this wrap to go to the park because I am not afraid of it getting dirty. When being worn I feel like it digs into my shoulders and they sometimes become sore. For this length the Poppin's Hip carry is perfect! It is also a decent ruck wrap, but not for longer periods of time. 
My son personally loves being wrapped so this has much sleepy dust as well! You can buy this wrap on many websites that sell woven wraps and on The Babywearing Swap and Babywearing on a Budget Facebook groups! 
That's all for now, and remember I am here for you!


  1. I love the colors in this wrap! It's always nice to have a beater!