Friday, May 16, 2014

Vaquero Wovens

I understand what it is like to start something completely new! Take this blog for instance, worrying about finding followers, finding companies to allow me to review their products and so much more! Well this new company, local to Pa, has gone above and beyond! Their wraps have been embraced by the babywearing community! I have had the pleasure of sporting a Vaquero Wovens green fire flower size 6!
When you first feel this beauty it feels thick to the touch but soft like a blanket! I was shocked at how soft it is compared to others I have felt. I was a bit weary of the thickness and curious how it would wrap. But Low and behold this wraps amazing! For a brand new company I am shocked at how supportive this feels, but does not dig into my shoulders at all! We love the double hammock with a saltwater tie off and this was perfect for it! 
Currently Vaquero comes in 6 different colors: Pink, Black, Green, Red, Blue, and Purple! They have very limited stocking at the moment and release on their easy page about 1-2 times a week. Each wrap comes in a matching tote bag! You can find their easy page here: and their Facebook page here: 

This wrap comes with lots of sleepy dust and is Lex approved! Keep your eye out for the next stockings coming soon! 

That's all for now, and remember I am here for you!

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  1. This wrap looks stunning. It's great to know these details before getting interested in a wrap this price. But it's good to know that, even though they are a new company, they can still hold their own