Monday, July 21, 2014

The Oily Monkey

Leslie is a work-at-home mom that is the jack of all trades! She started as an Independent Young Living Distributor and took her business from there! The first product I got to review is her dryer balls. Dryer balls are a great way to save money and energy. Her dryer balls are made with organic merino wool that the preschoolers at her local preschool groom from the sheep. She makes the balls and then infuses them with Young Living Essential Oils for great smelling laundry. Two dryer balls take the static out of a small load of laundry. 

I have been using these to help dry my cloth diapers and they have been working great. I thought they would make loud banging in my dryer but that is not the case at all. They are fairly silent. 

Another product Leslie makes is bath salts. The blend that I had the opportunity to enjoy was Young Living's "Joy." The essential oil is mixed with Epsom Salt. In order to use the salts you first run it under warm bath water and let it sit for 10-20 minutes to dissolve. The epsom salt is meant to relax you and take away any soreness you may have and the Joy EO is meant to lift up your mood. It is very rare that I get to take a bath by myself, so I got to enjoy a semi-relaxing bath with Lex because these are also baby safe. I felt great after the bath and Lex was a happy baby boy! 

The last product I had the pleasure of reviewing was Leslie's suck pads. While this is not technically associated with her Essential Oil business, you can contact her in the same way if you are looking for a pair of great suck pads! These suck pads fit both my Ergo and Beco comfortably. The fabric looked great and the stitching is even. These have protected my carriers from lots of teething baby drool! 

If you would like to contact Leslie or learn any more about her products you can 'like' her Facebook  page and send her a message. 

That's all for now and remember I am here for you!

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