Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Tiny Acorn by J Lee Nursing Necklace

While Lex is nursing his new thing is to put his hands in my mouth, or twirl my hair. Nursing necklaces are a great way to distract your child from little habits they may have picked up along the way. Nursing necklaces come in different shapes, sizes, and looks. 

This nursing necklace is made by The Tiny Acorn by J Lee. Each of their necklaces are made with 100% cotton and natural unfinished wood beads. The fabric is knotted in between each bead and sewn closed in the back. All of the seems are sewn at least twice to ensure durability. The necklace measures approximately 16 inches from top to bottom. 

The one thing I noticed about this necklace unlike others I have worn is that it is one size. You are not able to adjust it because it is sewn in the back. I thought at first that I would not like that, but the more I wore it the more I liked how it sat flat around my neck and there was nothing bulky underneath my hair. The length is a nice size for me and sits just where I would adjust it anyway. 

On this necklace the size of wood beads are different through out it. This is visually pleasing but with the bigger beads it was a bit bulky for my taste. I personally love this fabric and they offer many more for all different tastes! 

If you are interested in learning more about The Tiny Acorn by J Lee or buying one of their necklaces you can visit their Etsy shop here. You can also find them on Facebook & follow their blog

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