Friday, August 1, 2014



As some of you may know I am a photographer and I love taking pictures of babies! Well, I had the opportunity to review some awesome props from PhotoPropsandPals by Jamie. While communicating with Jamie she was very open and enthusiastic and has great passion for making props. I received messages back in a very timely manner and it was a joy working with her. 

I got to review a number of props and help give my input and help her become even better! My absolute favorite prop to use was the lion hat! Do you recognize the little lion in the picture? That's right! It's baby Lex! Although he kept trying eat the fuzz on the hat we had a ton of fun taking the pictures! 

I also reviewed the bee hat. That adorable little baby is baby Caleb, you may recognize him from Real Mom Reviews blog. He is their newest addition. The hat fit perfectly on his 2 month old head and was well constructed. The only thing that was a little hard to manipulate was the antennas. 


Baby Caleb was such a good sport we used him for many of the props! He pulled off this fisherman hat so well and looked so cute! It is such a unique prop and sits on his head just right! It is sure to make many smile. 

The ever so popular cocoon gives baby that close squished feeling like in mommy's belly. Caleb is 2 months old and almost 14 pounds and just barely fit into the cocoon but I think he is pulling off this purple quite well! This is certainly a newborn prop as it does have some stretch and needs some manipulating, but we worked with what we had!


This precious little angel is Symphony. Her name goes perfectly with the angel wings and halo prop! I just love how this prop looks and it was so easy to use. Apparently I do not know which way angel wings go because I put them on upside down at first, but after a second I came to my senses and flipped them around! 

If you are a photographer looking for some great new props or a new mom looking for your new bundle of joys newborn photo props this is a great place to look! They have something to suite everyones interests! You can find their Etsy shop here.  

Thats all for now! And remember, I am here for you!


  1. These are so cute!! I wish I could photograph but I don't have the eye for it.

  2. Cyuuuuute! That lion bonnet is adorable!

  3. Can you make that lion hat in a NEWBORN size?