Friday, August 1, 2014

Small Wonder Woolies

I'll admit, when we started getting leaks at night from our cloth diapers and my momma friends suggested wool I was scared! Treating wool sounds scary and like a lot of work. But from day one of using this amazing wool cover from Small Wonder Woolies I fell in love. 

These wool covers are made from repurposed wool sweaters containing at least 80-100% wool. The wool used may contain merino, cashmere, shetland, or lambs wools. If you do not know much about wool, and I did not at, it is an all natural and sustainable resource. Wool is naturally anti bacterial, resistant to mold, mildew, and neutralizes odors. Wool also prevents diaper rash by absorbing excess moisture and drawing it out (taken right from small wonder woolies). Wool covers go directly over your prefolds, fitteds, or I use them over my pocket diapers. 

From day one of using my Small Wonder Woolies cover I have had ZERO leaks at night time. That is huge for my heavy wetter! We have now been using the cover for about a month and today was the second time I have washed it. Sounds gross right? Wool does not need to be washed after every use. I have used the same cover every single night for two weeks before hand washing it in my sink with gentle baby wash and letting it air dry. Every now and then you can lanolize it. Seriously, if you have leaks at night this wool cover has been our life saver! We were even using disposables at night before we started using this cover and now we are all cloth all the time!

We also have matching baby shoes and Lex just loves these! For a child that rarely has shoes on he kept these on from the moment they were put on his feet! They fit perfectly and were easy to slide on. They are perfect for my pre-walker! 

If you want to order from Small Wonder Woolies you can find their Etsy page here, and their Facebook page here

That's all for now! And remember I am here for you!

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