Wednesday, August 6, 2014


It is pretty awesome when you see a local mom's business take off like Michele's did. Zookaboo was born with the thought of being a stay at home mother. Each of Michele's items are hand cut, sewn, and packaged by Michele, herself. 

These diaper covers will work with most inserts, prefolds, or fitted diapers. The inner layer of this diaper cover is made with waterproof Pul and the outer layer is made with 100% printed cotton. The nice part about the inner layer is that it is wipeable. This is a One Size cover for children 10-30 pounds with a maximum of 19 inch rise. It has a double row of snaps and soft fold over elastic to keep everything inside. 

The fit of the cover was a little bigger then what I expected but it did not change the functionality of the cover. For me, the one size covers always take a little trial and error until I get the perfect fit but once I accomplished this the cover fit perfect. We had zero leaks with this cover over our fitted diaper. Our Zookaboo cover even saved us one night! We use different diapers for day time then we do night time and one night Lex fell asleep with his day time diaper on and we did not want to wake him and his wool cover was drying after being washed. I grabbed my Zookaboo cover and very gently placed it over his day time diaper in hopes that it would save us from any leaks. Guess what? It did! We had no leaks that night and I was one happy mommy! The price is super reasonable as well at a cheap 17.00!

These are fantastic covers and they have cute prints for everyone's interests! If you would like to order a Zookaboo cover or see what else they have to offer you can find their Etsy shop here and their Facebook here.

15% off code valid until the end of August off all in stock items on! The code is: HEREFORYOU15

That's all for now and remember I am here for you! 

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