Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pink Pixie Diapers/ Savannah's Inspirations

I absolutely love how cute Lex looked in this T-shirt and diaper combo! I very much enjoyed talking with Tara from Savannah's Inspirations. I received quick messages and answers to any questions and the customer service was fantastic. Tara started her shop off of inspirations from her youngest child. She crafts some of the most adorable headbands and clips for little girls but also has some great clothing pieces for boys as well. After starting her shop she ventured into making cloth diapers and then launched Pink Pixie Diapers. I simply told Tara the size Lex would need and I received this awesome set to try! 

The diaper is one unlike anything I have tried before. This is a SIDE snapping AI2 diaper. Most of the diapers you see snap in the front and you can see the snaps. This diaper (the back is shown in the picture) snaps to the side and the snaps are shown in the back. I really love this fit because Lex has started to figure out how to take off his diapers and this has stumped him! If you are unfamiliar with AI2 (all in 2) diapers the concept is quite simple, it is two pieces. The diaper itself is waterproof and it comes with a snap in removable soaker. The diaper is made from printed cotton outer fabric, a hidden layer of PUL (waterproof lining), and a fleece inner layer. The soaker is made from a fleece outer layer and a microfiber terry inner layer. 

The fit to this diaper was perfect. The gussets around Lex's thighs fit snug so there was no leakage. The waist around his stomach was flush meaning we had zero blowouts. This alone is always a relief when trying new diapers. Tara's prices are very reasonable ranging from 12.00 to 25.00 dollars and she also offers package deals. 

Tie shirts have been all the rage lately and this matching shirt complemented the diaper perfectly. The patch held up very nicely even after a few washes. Tara uses an ordinary T-shirt and hand makes the patch on the shirt. Her prices range from 7.00-12.00 which is extremely reasonable. 

If you were to ask me if I would buy more of Savannah's Inspiration products I would say yes 100 %. Everything is well crafted and well made. 

Tara has been very generous and is offering my readers 25% off their next purchase! Just enter the code: Hereforyou in the coupon code box! This offer is valid until the end of September. 

You can find all of Savannah's Inspirations and Pink Pixie Diapers products here on their Etsy page. 

That's all for now and remember I am here for you! 

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