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Rustic Luxury NH

"Naturally handcrafted soaps and family personal care products made using simple ingredients to bring you a luxurious experience." 

Rustic Luxury's creator's are two friends, Roxy and Jas, that wanted to cease products for their families that were safe, natural, and free from chemicals. Their products do not contain petroleum or chemicals in their products and they only use micas and oxides lightly for color which are all cosmetic and food safe. I had the pleasure of reviewing a few of their products!

My husband and I enjoyed using their bars of soap. My husband is usually pretty particular about the soap that he uses and he usually uses liquid body wash. When I asked him to try out something new he was skeptical. The scent of this soap smells very much like axe which convinced him to agree to helping me out. The bar soaps up very well on the wash cloth and does not feel waxy at all. He has been using this bar for a month now and there is still a good amount of it left. The ingredients in this soap are olive oil, distilled water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, Argan oil, activated charcoal, and fragrance oil. The activated charcoal is great for removing impurities from the skin and reducing acne, but is gentle enough for all over use. 

I used their Aloe Shea Argan soap which is their oatmeal, milk and honey soap. There was no real scent to this soap but it did feel very nice on my skin and had the same properties as my husbands soap.  This soap is rich in aloe, Shea, and Argan. It is perfect for someone with dry skin. The oatmeal has anti-inflammatory and gentle exfoliant properties and the milk contains zinc and vitamin A which often reduces skin irritations. 

Each bar cost 5.00 USD. 

One of the products Lex had the chance to use was their Monkey oil. This is a baby oil to keep help his precious skin silky smooth. This is also amazing to use for baby massages! I put this on Lex after each of his baths. It smells amazing and I love smelling it when he snuggles up to me. When you think of an oil you think it would be greasy but this is not. It glides on the skin and then will soak in leaving your baby, or you, with super soft skin. The ingredients in Monkey oil are avocado oil, shea butter, rice bran oil, vitamin E acetate, sunflower oil, and lavender essential oil. This can also come in an unscented version and comes in sizes 4oz and 8oz. The price of this is 4.00 USD. 

Lex also had the chance to experience their Monkey Butt*er. This is a cloth diaper safe bottom salve. When you first feel this it feels grainy to the touch but once it is rubbed in it is smooth and dissolves. Lex basically never (knock on wood) gets diaper rash and has not had it the entire time we have been using this product so I can not say if it clears it up, but I am sure that it has helped prevent it! You can use this on any part of the body with chapped or irritated skin not just bottoms! The ingredients in this are coconut oil, cocoa butter, lavender chamomile, calendula infused olive oil, bees wax beads, shea butter, lanolin, and tea tree oil. This comes in 2, 4, and 8 oz sizes. The price is 5.00 USD. 

This foot balm is the bomb! I put this one my heels after every shower and it keeps the rough parts so smooth and healed any of the cracks that I had! I love the thieves smell of it too but I am strange like that and love using thieves oil for a lot of things! You can put this on elbows and other dry areas. If on your feet you do need socks until it soaks in because it is very slippery. The ingredients in this are lanolin, shea butter, castor oil, bees wax, vitamin E acetate, four thieves essential oil, tea tree oil, and menthol crystals. Thieves is great of killing any bacteria! The price for this is 8.00 USD. 

The last product I had to review was my absolute favorite and in my husband's terms "heavenly." The Aloe Body Parfait makes my skin feel so smooth and smells like I should be laying on the beach in the Caribbean! Their moisturizers use aloe juice instead of water and aloe gel is layered with is for a double dose of moisture! Also used in this is sunflower oil, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, glycerin, shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, castor oil, fragrance, optiphen plus, chamomile extract, comfrey leaves extract, and mica for color. It comes in a variety of scents including oatmeal, milk, and honey, aqua di gioia, coffee, my main squeeze, lavender, parsley water, coconut, water lily mist, white citrus,  and amber romance. This is 12.00 USD. 

Over all these products are fantastic. Nothing leaves you oily or greasy and everything works great! I would order from here a million times over! 

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