Friday, October 10, 2014

The Shade Tree Market

See that beautiful nursing necklace? That is from The Shade Tree Market! We all have read by now that Lex loves paying with nursing necklaces! And that is a much better alternative then him pulling my hair or putting his toes in my nose (yes this happens all the time). I love how these natural colors were perfect for our outdoor breastfeeding photo shoot. 

This necklace is well made and is adjustable. It sits nicely along my neck and I can make it whatever length I want depending on my outfit. This is a great quality necklace for a super affordable price! She uses all different fabrics to satisfy your interests! 

She also makes awesome teething rings. This cute cow fabric is great for Lex who is getting teeth number 7 and 8! The stitching is a tad not straight but this is still made very well and is holding up for "Hurricane Lex." 

I love how she used the red on the other side. It really makes it pop and is great for babies developing eyes! 

Unfortunately Kristen's Etsy shop is closed due to severe health issues with her pregnancy but I will keep you all posted when she reopens her shop! I wish her the very best and am sending good vibes to her for a healthy happy baby! You can find her shop here

That's all for now! And remember I am here for you!


  1. Great review but i must nitpick for a moment...shouldn't photographers receive credit for their work? I mean the necklace could very well be your own image but you obviously didn't take the nursing photo, and there is no credit anywhere so I have no idea where to look for other amazing photo works....

    1. Agreed, who took that beautiful pic?