Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ratticle Baby

* Disclosure: I have received this product free for review 

Ratticle baby was created when the owner, Mandy, thought "I wish I could find a onesie that says..." one too many times. Mandy encompasses everything I believe in as a parent. She is a parent educator and teacher of breastfeeding, co- sleeping, no cry sleep solutions, cloth diapering, babywearing, and more and she wanted to find a way to make clothing that celebrated that. 

She only uses professional materials that hold up. If you do not see something that sparks your interest you can create your own design and collaborate with her to make that special shirt! Wanting to announce your pregnancy in a cute and fashionable way? She can help with that! 

Of course this onesie hit my Tula bone when I saw it and fell in love! We are certainly a babywearing family and have been loving our Tulas while I have been pregnant. I think Lex sports this onesie quite well! Even after a few washes the words have not faded and are holding up! 

This adorable onesie is in our hospital bag to take for when baby Jack is born next month. You'll have to keep your eyes out for when he is sporting this adorable onesie! Chances are it will be with a breastfeeding selfie! 

Looking to order from Ratticle Baby? Check them out! 

That's all for now! And remember I am here for you! 

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