Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Amorini USA

*Disclosure: I received this product free for review

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! This week I have a product that has done wonders for my new breastfeeding relationship with our newest addition Jackson Seeley! 

The first thing you think about when you are a new breastfeeding mother is how the nipple pain will be. There will be some pain during your breastfeeding relationship, but if you are worried about cracked and bleeding nipples then you need to buy this product! 

Amorini harnesses the antibacterial properties of Silver to offer immediate nipple protection to breastfeeding mothers in a safe and 100% natural way. Unlike creams and balms, Amorini leaves no residue on the skin ensuring that your baby does not ingest any potentially harmful chemicals.

I started using this product while I was pregnant and my nipples were in the sore stage. It protected my nipples from rubbing on my shirt. 

I then started using it from day 1 of nursing Jack! I took them to the hospital with me and inserted them after each feeding. I have had zero cracking and no bleeding! I have had a little pain but it was nothing like my first son's initial latches! Even the OB commented on how great my nipples looked for the first few days of nursing! I showed her what I was using and she was very intrigued! 

For two weeks I continued to use Amorini and continued to have awesome looking nipples making nursing so much easier this time around! I am now almost 3 weeks in and breastfeeding is great! 

Clean Amorini with a Baking Soda mixed with water paste. We advise you to clean Amorini before its first use and as necessary during the breastfeeding period. Do not disinfect Amorini with harsh chemicals; it may damage the silver.

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to try this product! I would suggest it to any mother that plans on breastfeeding their little one! 

If you want to learn more or purchase Amorini you can do so on the links below: 

That's all for now and remember I am here for you! 

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