Thursday, May 15, 2014

Milk & Joy (Formerly Goosie Organics) Review!

Imagine this: The baby is crying and nothing has helped soothe him. All he wants is to be close to mommy. So you pull out your favorite carrier and you superman him onto your back. Ahh Silence! But then he grabs a fist full of hair and yanks as hard as he can! Ouch! Hmm, what if you could have something to distract him? My son loves his Milk & Joy Necklace and so does this momma! He loves  chewing on the little ring to soothe his sore gums and I enjoy the relief of less hair pulls!

Milk and Joy creates stylish, handcrafted, organic jewelry for the modern mother and child or any lady wanting something pretty! When I first got the necklace I thought it was beautifully made. I loved the colors and they went great with my wrap! My son took to it instantly, grabbing and tugging and exploring the bright colored yarn. But this beauty is not just for baby wearing, I wear it when I'm nursing my son as well. It prevents him from pinching me, pulling my hair, little fingers in my mouth and all the little new things he picks up!

This necklace is so well crafted that I would even wear this on a night out on the town! It sits perfectly across my chest and the yarn is adjustable to fit your body perfectly. If you would like to order your very own necklace go to You won't be disappointed!

That's all for now, and remember I am here for you!

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