Friday, August 1, 2014

Nicole's Breast Friends

Most new nursing moms need lots and lots of nursing pads to conquer engorgement. Well I am long past the engorgement stage but I do still leak. Every single time I have a let down on one side my other side (the side Lex is not on) leaks a lot! 

Nicole's breast friend's nursing pads not only come in super cute patterns but they absorb well too! They fit just right in my bra and form into the cup so they are not noticeable under my clothing. 

The pads are made of one layer all natural flannel, to inner layers of organic bamboo and fleece, 1 layer of PUL, and one layer of stylish 100% cotton fabric. 

Nicole's Breast Friends is an official vendor of Zulily and at their last stocking they sold out in the first day! That should say something about how awesome these are!

Here for your reviews has a set of these awesome nursing pads as soon as our Facebook hits 150 likes so share my page and keep your eyes out! 

Nicole's Breast Friends not only makes nursing pads but also newborn photography props as well! 
 You can follow them on Instagram at Nicolesbreastfriends, on Facebook, find their awesome products on Etsy, and check out their new webpage!. 

That's all for now! And remember, I am here for you!

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