Friday, August 1, 2014

Puddle Pants Cloth Diaper

If anybody knows us personally they know we love three things: breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapers! I was so excited to start reviewing this cute diaper from Puddle pants! This diaper is a medium AIO (All in one) pocket diaper made with a flannel outer layer, hidden pul lining for waterproofing, poly fleece, and super soft micro fleece against baby's skin. It also came with a matching contoured liner made of two layers of zorb and matching flannel. 

The gussets around the thighs fit nicely around Lex's chubby legs and hugged his stomach and bum. It could be because he might have a short torso but it came up a little high compared to some of the other diapers we have but there were certainly no leaks during the day. We tried the diaper by itself at night and it did not work with my heavy wetter, but when we tried it again with a wool cover it was just fine! 

Lex is recently starting on some solid foods so we had the chance to use Puddle Pants bib as well. This is a one size bib made with cotton, micro fleece, F.O.E, and hook and loop closure. The bib fit around Lex's neck and caught all of the food his messy little fingers dropped. 


If you are looking for some great affordable diapers you can find Puddle Pants Etsy page here and their Facebook page here

That's all for now! And remember I am here for you! 

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